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More On Richard Uzelac

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Richard Uzelac is a CEO with experience in the film, television, real estate, and technology industries. Currently, Richard Uzelac runs two flourishing Internet companies: RealtyTech Incorporated and GOiMarketing. Richard Uzelac developed RealtyTech Inc. based on his years of experience in the real estate industry. Although Richard Uzelac began working in real estate in the early 1980s, before the advent of the Internet, he had the winning instincts that made him the top listing Real Estate Agent in his sector of Southern New Jersey. He also created and published Century 21’s first monthly real-estate news letter in 1983.

After working in the film production industry in the late 1980s, Richard Uzelac returned to real estate to foster the growth of two massive websites: HomeBuilder.com and Realtor.com. Using his background in graphic design work which was honed in Hollywood, Richard Uzelac greatly updated the websites, making changes in the search paths, adding space, and creating branding that translated into dramatic increases in responses. Leads from HomeBuilder.com increased by 500 percent and leads from Realtors.com increased by 200 percent.

GOiMarketing, Richard Uzelac’s other company, is a more general Internet marketing solutions provider. Its services are Internet marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, advertising, and company oversight. In keeping this company on track for success, Richard Uzelac utilizes many of the leadership skills he developed in real estate and as a location manager in the film industry and graphic designer. Working on projects for the likes of Orion Pictures and the CBS coverage of the 1998 Winter Olympic Games helped him develop the instincts he needed to take his company in an innovative direction.

When he isn’t working, Richard Uzelac enjoys racing his Porsche 911. He has won two Porsche Owners Club Racing Championships.

Who is Richard Uzelac?

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Richard Uzelac serves as the CEO, President, and Owner of the Internet marketing and software company RealtyTech Inc. RealtyTech is located in Westlake Village, California, and offers realtors a range of products to increase revenue from the web. Among the products it offers are real estate and mortgage websites that have built-in text editors, image editors, built-in SEO, custom design options, and 60 unique design templates as well as being are easy to use. Richard Uzelac and RealtyTech Inc. also offer IDX Real Estate Search with interactive maps, daily emailed listing alerts and the option to save favorite properties as well as an Internet marketing product that provides maximum exposure on Yahoo and Google, and a tested strategy for improving user engagement. The company’s website also offers an array of “Successful Marketing Packages” to help any real estate business owner begin their marketing campaign.

As the CEO Of RealtyTech Inc., Richard Uzelac is responsible for the growth and profitability of the company in tough economic times. Utilizing his resourcefulness, Richard Uzelac designed a new line of more affordable online and mobile products to keep RealtyTech Inc. on the cutting edge. The result of Richard Uzelac’s efforts is the continuing of steady sales of his products and the highest customer retention rate in the industry.

Richard Uzelac also serves as the CEO, President, and Owner of GOiMarketing Inc., an Internet marketing company that he founded in 2004. GOiMarketing Inc. specializes in Internet marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, advertising, and company oversight. Richard Uzelac manages various teams as well as for researching industry advances and integrating new technologies into the company. Richard Uzelac and GOiMarketing Inc. have a proven track record of increasing traffic and profitability for their clients.

Richard Uzelac owns a membership of the Penn State Alumni Association, the Penn State Wrestling Booster Club, and the Porsche Owners Club. His hobbies include racing his Porsche 911, mixed martial arts, and weight training.

Richard Uzelac in Real Estate

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He started in Real Estate sales in 1981. Richard became the top listing agent in Southern New Jersey for Century 21. He published one of the first monthly real estate newsletters called, “Parade of Homes” in 1983.

After relocating to California, Richard pursued a career in digital effects, branding and design for television and film. He became first a computer animator (winning an Emmy for his animations for the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano Japan) then a producer of graphics and branding packages for CBS, FOX, and ESPN.

Utilizing his knowledge of Real Estate and Computing, Richard became the Senior Director of Realtor.com and HomeBuilder.com, the two largest websites for real estate in the world. He created the first website for the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations, a worldwide real estate website.

In six months he increased LEADS to Homebuilders on HomeBuilder.com by 500%. He then increased leads to Realtors on Realtor.com by 200% by shortening the search path, removing ad space and increasing Realtor branding on the site.

Richard left Homestore in early 2002 to start RealtyTech Inc. RealtyTech Inc. provides quality Websites, Support, Technology and Consulting for Real estate Professionals and Companies.
RealtyTech supports 9,000 real estate products nationwide.

Richard started GOiMarketing, an internet marketing corporation that supports over 80 corporations for internet marketing nationwide.