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Joe Paterno: American Icon, American Hero, made a mistake?

Note: The whole situation causes vertigo, makes one nauseous. The hurt is the bigger story, the tragedy for the families and children. This post is way way way down there in importance compared to the horror of what took place. This post only talks about an old man. ——————————————————————- An...

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Richard Uzelac’s Fitness Alert: Phil Campbell’s Sprint 8 Workout

Posted by Uzelac | Posted in Richard Uzelac Health, Weight Training by Richard Uzelac | Posted on 20-11-2010


This weekend I’m at Greta Blackburn’s Fitness Bootcamp in Malibu. Phil Campbell’s Sprint 8 workout is amazing and eye opening.

While I Richard Uzelac is in good shape, Phil is in even better shape and I think a few years older than me.

The Key? Fast workouts that make you breath hard. Thirty seconds of intense work, followed by 90 seconds of easy rest, the key is the 30 seconds of high intensity.

When I finish the classes, I’ll write more!


Richard Uzelac