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He started in Real Estate sales in 1981. Richard became the top listing agent in Southern New Jersey for Century 21. He published one of the first monthly real estate newsletters called, “Parade of Homes” in 1983.

After relocating to California, Richard pursued a career in digital effects, branding and design for television and film. He became first a computer animator (winning an Emmy for his animations for the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano Japan) then a producer of graphics and branding packages for CBS, FOX, and ESPN.

Utilizing his knowledge of Real Estate and Computing, Richard became the Senior Director of and, the two largest websites for real estate in the world. He created the first website for the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations, a worldwide real estate website.

In six months he increased LEADS to Homebuilders on by 500%. He then increased leads to Realtors on by 200% by shortening the search path, removing ad space and increasing Realtor branding on the site.

Richard left Homestore in early 2002 to start RealtyTech Inc. RealtyTech Inc. provides quality Websites, Support, Technology and Consulting for Real estate Professionals and Companies.
RealtyTech supports 9,000 real estate products nationwide.

Richard started GOiMarketing, an internet marketing corporation that supports over 80 corporations for internet marketing nationwide.



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