Richard Uzelac’s Top Ten List for Middle-Aged Men’s Health: Number One: Water!

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1. Drink Lots of Water:

Drink filtered or alkaline enhanced water.  I could have started with breathing but even a man that doesn’t know how to breath properly still knows how to breath enough to stay alive.

The next priority is drinking water. We can survive weeks on no food, but only a few days without water. Water makes up over 95% of us and yet, most men refuse to concentrate on getting enough good clean water. Water Cleans the body, improves your skin, makes you stronger, younger, increases cognitive performance and increases energy.

One reason for obesity is that most people confuse being hungry with being thirsty. Often when we feel hungry, we are in fact just thirsty. Obesity would take a tumble if all men just started drinking at least 64 oz of water daily and not grabbing a snack every time the feel a bit of ‘hunger.’

How to drink it: Try drinking up to 30 minutes before you eat. This allows your body to create the digestive juices your body needs to digest your next meal, drinking lots of water right before a meal just dilutes the digestive juices which is counter productive to the digestive process.

Then try to drink no sooner than 90 minutes after a meal. This again allows your body to digest your food properly before you rehydrate.

Also, do not drink much at all during a meal. This avoids diluting the digestive juices during your meal.

So the most important thing you can do for yourself (besides breathe) is drink clean water.

Richard Uzelac

Did you know? Guess what, all those fancy lotions women and some men wear on their faces don’t really improve you skin? Their main reason for being is to KEEP IN THE WATER that you already drank. So applying $130 face cream and body lotion is pointless if you are chronically dehydrated. You are just keeping the leather from hardening.



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