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Obama is Not Properly Equipped to Run the United States of America

I realize that is a pretty strong headline, but I believe it is true. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is doing the best that he can. I also believe he thinks what he is doing is the best for America. But I also believe he does not have the wisdom, education, experience, and knowledge required...

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Penn State 2011 Big Ten Wrestling Champions!

Posted by Uzelac | Posted in Penn State Wrestling, Rich Uzelac, Richard Uzelac, Richard Uzelac Health, Weight Training by Richard Uzelac | Posted on 16-03-2011


Cael Sanderson’s Penn State Nittany Lion Wrestling team just defeated the awesome Iowa Hawkeyes by ONE POINT in the Big Tens. Penn State led all schools with five wrestlers in the finals of the ten weight classes and WINNING ALL FIVE FINALS! Amazing and hats off to a very special team!

I can’t go on without a big tip of the hat to Tom Brands and the powerful Iowa team. Brands had a rebuilding year team vying for the championship right up to the last bout of the Championships. Penn State has their best showing since 1953, yet they still just beat Iowa by one point. Iowa is simply amazing and the team we all measure ourselves against.

With that said, I think this is truly the start of something special in Penn State Wrestling history. With this result and with Cael Sanderson at the helm, I see a resurgence of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and those tough Ohio kids going to Penn State over Iowa, OK State, Minn and others. The bleed out of quality talent from Pennsylvania will come to a halt and Pennsylvania will regain it’s distinction of the THE wrestling state in the USA./

Good Luck to all the wrestlers going to Philadelphia this weekend for the National Championships!

Rich Uzelac