The American People: the most important Candidates in the election

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Can you feel it? Can you feel a more active and politically aware and rational populace awakening? The power hungry and the power brokers can put the players in place, but finally I feel an American People are awakening with eyes wide open. I think the politicians and Big Banking sees it too. So, even if the powers that be shoehorn another puppet into place, that puppet better beware. The American People are fed up with the Fed. The time is ripe for a government by the people, for the people and of the people.

I am reticent to use the word ‘People’ as for my generation it speaks of ‘Red’ and ‘Communism’ and ‘Collective.’ That is the furthest meaning I want to instill. My ‘People’ are an intelligent and vocal formation of INDIVIDUALS that want to see change for their own vested interests. The people that create the businesses that drive the American and world economies and the hard working people they employ are the ‘People’ I speak of. These are the true creators in society.

Morton Friedman once said only businesses create jobs, create wealth and move the society forward. I believe he is right. If you haven’t read anything about Morton Friedman, I suggest you do, it is worth the effort. If these ‘People’ that create wealth and work hard for their own interest band together, no matter who is elected, that person will be held accountable and he will need to do the ‘People’s’ bidding if he wants to stay in office.

Who are not the ‘People’? Some, not all, are those that live off the backs of the true workers in society, Unions and their leaders, those on welfare because they lack the courage to work, the Government employees that work the system and offer little to no value to the ‘People’ that pay their inflated bloated salaries.

I worry less these days the the parasites in society (Looters)will prevail and continue to support puppets like Obama and most of Congress. The ‘People’ will be heard and the creators of wealth and the workers that want to do best for themselves and their families will not let the Looters prevail. And even if they do, if Obama is reelected and our debt to our children grows over $20,000,000,000,000, their system is not sustainable, and after it all collapses, the Creators and the People will start over once again to rebuild a glorious and righteous nation.

Richard Uzelac



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