Richard Uzelac: Elephants, let’s save them.

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We need to save the elephants to help evolve and enlightened humans. We need to save them for future generations of humans, and of elephants. We need to save them because we can. Elephants are the largest surviving land mammals on the planet. They are the largest species on earth since  the  Indricotherium. Alas, the Indricotherium’s huge 18 ton mass will never be seen by another human. The Humans of their time just didn’t have the tools to do anything but kill them. While it is obvious that we have become better killers in the last 25 million years, have we grown as humans? There’s a group that have consistently helped the plight of the African Elephants: Save the Elephants and their new site: Elephants in Peril: Helping this cause won’t make you richer or cooler, but you will get a bucket load of good Karma to offset all the wrong things you did.   Cheers, Richard Uzelac  



Table of Contents

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