Richard Uzelac’s Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

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Richard Uzelac's Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Richard Uzelac Consulting Offers Small Businesses Affordable Digital Marketing Strategies

Richard Uzelac, of Richard Uzelac Consulting, started his consulting business with the expressed intention of helping small businesses to get a foothold in the Google search results (and the subsequent increase in website traffic, inquiries, and sales) for their products and Services.

“God has been great to me. I’ve been blessed with a good life even though I’ve had my share of setbacks and tribulations, as I guess we have all had,” Richard Uzelac said. “Richard Uzelac Consulting has been a side ‘gig’ that I started to give a hand up to small companies and entrepreneurs seeking to get online with little to no funding,” Uzelac added.

Richard Uzelac is the owner of three companies:,, and All three have been successful online businesses for years.

GoMarketing Inc. is Mr. Uzelac’s Digital Marketing/Advertising Agency, servicing many types of businesses. “We have helped hundreds of businesses grow online over the past fifteen years, but the bulk of our clients have been in the Home Services, Manufacturing, Real Estate, Medical, Travel and Clothing industries,” Richard Uzelac states.

“My father owned a small carpet sales and installation company back in Philadelphia while I was growing up. He was a smart man and did fine work, but he struggled gaining the exposure and momentum marketing and advertising can provide,” Uzelac said. “I empathize with small business owners, and I understand their struggle. With Richard Uzelac Consulting, I have a way to help them out and point them in the right direction at a very low cost. If a Consulting client decides he or she needs or wants more from us than consulting plans, we can engage the power of GoMarketing Inc. to implement our plans for them, and grow their companies faster, said Richard Uzelac.

RealtyTech Inc. was Richard Uzelac’s first company, established in 2002. Since than over ten thousand real estate agents, offices and franchises have licensed RealtyTech Inc. products and services nationwide. Richard Uzelac Consulting offers Agents, and Real Estate companies, direction, and real estate digital marketing plans to help them meet their sales numbers and meet the needs of their buyers and sellers’ clients.

Richard Uzelac’s newest company, Strategic Agent Inc., was created to offer discounted products and services for new Agents and Companies to meet their budget goals. Richard Uzelac Consulting has helped many Real Estate Franchises to offer their Agents first class products and a significant discount. Strategic Agent products are the only Websites and IDX packages for Agents offered on the largest real estate MLS in the USA:

“Having an exclusive contract with the nation’s largest MLS has been an honor for us. Many of our thousands of agents receive helpful consultations from the Richard Uzelac Consulting Team. We feel this extra service to help to guide our clients to success is what gives us happier Clients, and industry-leading relationship longevity with our Strategic Agent Clients,” Richard Uzelac said.

“Honesty is by far the best policy in business. We have been in business for over twenty years now, with an amazing retention rate, by telling our client how it is in all our companies, including Richard Uzelac Consulting. We listen to new potential clients and endeavor to fully understand their business and goals. We don’t accept all potential Clients if their goals are not realistic. We must first have a meeting of the minds and manage all expectations before we accept a new client. Why? Because everyone at our companies, writers, designers, developers, marketers, and advertising specialists take pride in our work. We want our clients to be wildly successful, but we must all be on the same ‘Reality Page’ for our collaborations to be successful, interesting, and enjoyable for all parties. That’s how you successfully stay in business over the long run,” Richard Uzelac says.

To contact Richard Uzelac call (805) 413-7893 to setup an appointment.



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