Communism: Why it Fails, Every Time by Richard Uzelac

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Communism Why it Fails Everytime

by Richard Uzelac

As I’ve dipped in through political views, I’ve learned that no country could practically follow the true ideals of the communist manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Like what happened in China and the USSR. It either falls into despotism, a state in which only one man wields all the power. Even the last five regions that have said to be “communism” are not quite the communism of Karl Marx and Friedrich’s ideals.
Karl Marx and Friedrich grew up in the times of Europe’s vast colonial imperialism. He noticed the exploitation of the working class by the wealthy minority or the bourgeoisie thus, they wrote “The Communist Manifesto”.

In Manifesto he outlined the abolition of child labour, a classless society through which everyone was equal. He envisioned a political utopia in which everyone is free from “earning a living” and wealth is measured by the amount of free time they have for their passion. Imagine sitting all day inside your room and binge-watching Netflix or let’s say chasing your passion. Wouldn’t it be too good to be true? The ideology of communism is great, but its application is not easy. Many countries have tried it but failed.

Observing the lives of the rich people: Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, Dell founder Michael Dell, CEO and product architect of Tesla CEO and product architect of Tesla, Ralph Lauren Designer, and many more, there’s one thing that you could notice them, and that is they didn’t go the traditional route like finishing college and getting a degree. They made names for themselves and became rich by being creative and having the freedom to choose not to be dictated by norms. Communism in my opinion correlates with what’s called a very traditional route of governance because it is only centered on one, which is the state. And it tends to fall into, like I said despotism, and evidently, everything else seems to be disastrous when applied. Communism calls for equality, hence allowing the state to own everything for redistribution. It promotes a classless society which was suggested in Karl Marx’s book “Communist Manifesto”.

Why does it always fail? Have you ever seen anything that interferes with nature’s course? It always goes wrong. Everything shall be in a place like how the wild beasts stay in the forest, how every predator has its place on earth. Otherwise, it’s a disaster. Like every other form of government, one has its flaws. The goal of this classless society is to promote equality distribution among its citizens through the ruling of the government. Eventually, there will be no private properties as landowners will be stripped down, and all citizens will work while the government provides their needs like clothing, shelter, and money. As such, there will be no currency, no businesses, and even clothing in communism will have to be uniform. Humanity in general, are rational beings. I read a book about human psychology a few years back about the secret of success, by Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” that appreciation and encouragement is the way to get the best out of everything. It’s about a human’s innate nature of being appreciated and wanting to crave incentive or reward. As we go over and look at this ideology of Karl Marx about having no incentives for those who work hard, compared to the ones that put in less work but still receive the same amount, it would create resentment. Additionally, the government rules over and implements laws and promotes the said equality amongst all. They do tend to be abusive with their power. Thus, practically becoming disastrous in nature.

The Impact of Communism in Nations by Richard Uzelac


There’s no exact reason why communism would fall down, but one thing I could say is if you interfere with nature, it would be detrimental.


It’s appropriate to learn the history of communism among nations

China: An episode of a man-made famine led by Mao Zedong in which an estimated 30 million people died of starvation, the greatest number of mass murders in world history.

USSR: What if your life was determined by the whim of another? During the rule of Joseph Stalin between the early 1930s and 1953, a bloody purge of what’s arguably called a genocide, in which more than a million of his own citizen was executed.

Cambodia: During the Cambodian Genocide, between 1.5 and 3 million people were killed, of which consists of a quarter of Cambodia, was killed by the hands of the Khmer Rouge. This communist political group took power in the country following the Cambodian Civil War.

Communist regimes implemented life-altering policies, one of which was to emphasize building national economies. While it was widely believed that communism promised equality and justice for all, in fact, it actually resulted in the suppression of countless freedoms and rights.



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