Kaizen for Over All Betterment by Richard Uzelac

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Kaizen for overall Betterment by Richard Uzelac

One of the countries I’m planning on visiting is Japan. I learned from others that Japanese people are so disciplined, and I would want to see this country someday and witness how magnificent their culture is and them. Stoics believed that human nature emulates its surroundings. So, I think if I were to live in Japan, It could somehow be a privilege because of how disciplined and respectful they are with one another. What is Kaizen? In Japanese, Kai means change and Zen means good. If you put these two words together, this means Being Better. Many of us have read maybe one or two or perhaps even three books about self-development. I would say I would be too hypocritical to tell you that I didn’t. Nobody is perfect, but I try my best each day to be better. 

Have you ever told yourself that you aren’t good enough? Learning these so many things and having lots of priorities in our lives would just make us want to squeeze our heads in the sand. I tell you, you’re not alone. There are a number of tips on getting to be prosperous with your goals. You can run into so many things over the internet nowadays. But what I like about the Kaizen way is that it somehow makes you do realistic goals by not being too pushy. It makes you set smaller and more realistic goals. Let’s say for example you are looking to finish writing a novel. Learn to set realistic goals everyday. Maybe writing down 200 to 300 words everyday. 

The History of Kaizen by Richard Uzelac

This might sound astonishing, but Kaizen didn’t originate from Japan. In fact, it came here to the states. During Second World War 2, the state kept this practice to keep up with the businesses resulting from the war. On the other hand, Japan devastated by this as well, had tried to keep up innovative businesses after the war. Then the States was convinced enough to help Japan send over advisors to provide training for Japanese business owners- Leading to the birth of Kaizen. 

This practice resulted in the success of the Japanese economy. Kaizen is famously used by the company TOYOTA; labelled as “The Toyota Way”. Bafflingly this came back to America, as an organizational theory as they were nervous about Japanese businesses competing with them. In this theory popularized by Mr. Masaaki Imai, he distinguished that the Japanese value incremental changes over Americans who rather sought abrupt and dramatic change. This principle emphasizes that this could also be applied individually, not just organizationally.


In the Kaizen approach, it is said that every part of organization shall perform Kaizen. Be it junior or senior employees; everyone must participate thus encouraging. Everyone to come up with short, medium and long term goal. Employees are encourage for suggestions on how to improve their job. 


Mr. Imaii teaches this principle for self betterment or improvement as well. This would be suggestion of how to improve your mental, emotional and physical then work on having a plan with small actions.

"NEW YEAR IS COMING. I'm going to change my bad habits.”
- Richard Uzelac

Kaizen is the perfect framework to wire your body and mind towards good habits so how do we do it?
  • Take a step back and identify what’s causing you to have those bad habits then formulate a plan.
  • Choose one area then another prioritize and work out those that are daily easy. Than than overwhelming yourself
  • Make a time frame- I couldnt emphasize more about setting up realistic time frame so ou wont feel overwhelmed
  • Track it. Use an online goal trakcker or tell a friend about it
  • Reward yourself to feel motivated.

Stop always feeling bad
SHIN SHIN ICHINYO ( Body and Mind as one) | Richard Uzelac

Many fads have been going on nowadays. Wish social media; the internet bombarding us with much information. It can be challenging to consume all this stuff. It could blow our minds. Letting so many thoughts run anywhere and anytime can be daunting. Nonsense details on such things could sometimes hurt our ego But what we feel about ourselves would significantly make a difference about our body, Thus becoming “Body and Mind” as one. We should uncover the ways that truly fit us in applying Kaizen. True enough, Kaizen is not a one size fits all method. Let’s not overwhelm ourselves but instead take easy steps. Build your self-esteem. If this costs shutting off social media, then do it. Social Media may not be the only thing that tells us what we should do but our surroundings as well. Although having bad self-esteem is not quite unique, if it is too much, then we should seek help. Seek to be resilient at difficult times and surround yourself with supportive people.



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