Retirement: Work and Play Balance by Richard Uzelac

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Retirement by Richard Uzelac

Are you ready to retire?

Some of us may not have thought about retiring. However, a few of us, even long before retirement age, have been worried about it. Working tiringly, we paused in the four cubicles of walls in our office. What’s life after this? Will I regret anything that I may have missed out? Is it even worth working while missing some of life’s important events? Will I long for the retirement days of my time when I will finally have freedom? These are my thoughts before but now that I have come to 60s I have thought about not giving up; I’ve come to my decision that I’m not going to search for the “freedom”  I long for during my younger days. 


In fact, I have come to shift the thoughts that I once thought what freedom was about. I have realized now, that the freedom I was longing for is not something about having a hiatus from what seems to be difficult. Indeed, I was somehow right, rather. It is, in fact, having time to end the difficult things: Things I have grown with, things I do not enjoy, things that stand in the way of the happiness I’m longing for. After living the good old days and enjoying my youth as a journalist, aircraft maintenance, real estate agent,  and graphic artist, everyone can say what a circle of life I had. Yet, I must have lived a life, and everyone would have said to take it easy. But as days fly by, I’ve come to the thought that the freedom I defined years ago is about giving. I thought If I could still have the time, why not give it out to people I cherished? I’ve loved giving to charities and foundations, and so I have also cherished the people I’ve built my company with Realtytech and GoMarketing. They have been my “babies”. Having these reasons would make the most out of my life. I may have many things that I have memories with during the lifetime of my career. But if something still interests you, why stop? 


 I wish someone had told me these things before. Then I wouldn’t have been scared about retirement and the savings of my 401k. Reflecting on what I thought freedom was? That it was something about drawing you from your happiness. Have you aligned yourself with the career that you enjoyed? Then make a business out of it. Like I did, earning a career in real estate and graphic designing, which I loved, created the foundation of RealtyTech Inc and GoMarketing. I believe that another reason that I didn’t want to stop is that I loved helping small businesses. After all, small businesses are extraordinary and I want to be part of creating their dreams; hence I always make sure to help them succeed in their businesses through marketing and promotion, which I’m best at. 

are you ready to retire?

Micro goals for your retirement by Richard Uzelac

Let’s face reality, retirement, and the financial burden that may come in the future is such a daunting thought. A lot of us may have thought about whether they could even retire. However, I’ve learned that setting up a micro goal is a very useful strategy for those struggling financially. As from the word micro means that putting a very little amount to what you’re saving for and having small risk so you wouldn’t feel very overwhelmed.

How to figure out if you’re on track? By Richard Uzelac

Those fellas who are in their middle ages must have asked if they’re on track with their retirement goals. Asking, have I saved enough? As Fidelity Investment says if you have at least one times your gross income (without taxes coming out) by the age of thirty then you’re on track. For example if you have 80000 dollars for your gross income, thus you need to have $80000 in your IRA or whatever retirement savings plan you have. 

Don’t be baffled if you’re not there yet as the song always says whatever the future will be will be, as it is not ours to see. Let’s always have a game plan to whatever we’re heading on and stay happy on what you’re doing.


Having uncertainties on what’s the best time to retire? Well, this question is only best answered by you. I even thought about retiring at the age of 40, 20 years ago, but here I am still working. It doesn’t mean that it’s okay to slow down if you are on track with your retirement plan. You have to learn to play the cards, so in the future, you are secure and won’t be afraid to start things like doing a business like me. If you are in doubt, you can book a consultation call with me, and it’s a no-obligation thing and absolutely free.  




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