Nature’s Remedy: Unveiling the Mental Health Benefits of Outdoor Escapes


Many advocates for an eclectic approach to addressing mental illness, particularly in the context of depression. For many, including myself, the desire for true well-being — a yearning for harmony and vitality, free from the shackles of medication and its unwelcome side effects. Why limit ourselves when it comes to utilizing all available resources to […]

Richard Uzelac: Try the Hershel Walker Workout!

Credits to Herschel Walker’s YT Channel In the world of fitness, few stories captivate and inspire, like that of Herschel Walker From a chubby kid facing taunts to a phenomenal athlete who achieved extraordinary physical feats, Walker’s journey is both fascinating and motivating. What set him apart was not just his determination but the unique […]

Richard Uzelac: The Power of Truth

woman smiling

In a world filled with misinformation, spin, and outright lies, the importance of honesty and truth-telling cannot be overstated. Jordan Peterson’s “rule 8” from his book, “12 Rules for Life” – “Tell the truth or at least don’t lie” – is a profound reminder that truth and falsehood have real consequences, both for individuals and […]

How to Develop a Good Habit by Richard Uzelac

how to develop a good habit

How to Develop a Good Habit by Richard Uzelac The first thing that comes to mind when I reflect on the topic of habit is a goal. What is a habit without a goal? How do people develop both bad and good habits? Did they have a goal in mind while developing them? Scientifically and […]

How to Avoid Depression: 7 Effective Techniques to Prevent Relapse by Richard Uzelac

Techniques to Avoid Depression Depression is a debilitating condition that affects individuals in various ways. While triggers may differ from person to person, there are several techniques that can help prevent or avoid a relapse. In this article, we will explore seven powerful strategies to incorporate into your life to maintain mental well-being and reduce […]

How to Become Successful At Work by Richard Uzelac

what does success mean by Richard Uzelac

Success is often glorified and considered the ultimate goal; isn’t it true? Whether we strive for success in our personal lives or professional careers, it motivates us to work harder and often measures our self-worth. However, as we look around, we can’t help but wonder why so many successful people are still unhappy and unfulfilled. […]

How to Implement Time Management, by Richard Uzelac

How to do Time Management by Richard Uzelac

Being productive can be challenging, especially when you have a lot on your plate. However, by implementing some simple strategies, you can stay organized and focused on your objectives. Have you ever found yourself feeling stress-free after accomplishing some tasks? Also, do you feel stressed when there is too much on your plate? One formula […]

Ego: Taming the Inner Beast, by Richard Uzelac

What is Ego? by Richard Uzelac

Merriam-Webster defines the self as the combination of elements that make up an individual’s identity and uniqueness. However, people often limit their sense of self to just one defining aspect of their lives, such as their profession, achievements, race, ethnicity, culture, age, sexual orientation, religion, relationships, family, or possessions. When we describe a new acquaintance […]

Richard Uzelac in Finding Stillness in Your Life

A picture of a tree on an empty field by Richard Uzelac

In Stoic philosophy, stillness is often referred to as “apatheia” or “ataraxia”… These fancy words basically mean achieving a sense of tranquillity, calmness, and peace of mind. Picture this: You have a big presentation at work that’s making you feel all sorts of nervous and anxious. Instead of trying to push those feelings aside or […]

Meditation by Richard Uzelac

The Power of Meditation: How it Can Benefit the Brain and Improve Well-Being by Richard Uzelac What is Meditation?  Meditation is a technique for training the mind to cultivate mindfulness and focus on the present moment. It helps individuals to reduce stress, be calmer, and be kinder to themselves and others. Meditation is a way […]