Who is Jordan Peterson? – Richard Uzelac

who is jordan peterson by richard uzelac

Jordan Peterson is a Canadian clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He rose to fame in the early 2010s for his opposition to compelled speech, particularly in regard to Canadian human rights legislation, and his critiques of political correctness and identity politics. Photo by Travis Rupert The Concept […]

Seneca: The Worldly Successful Stoic Philosopher by Richard Uzelac

why is seneca interesting by richard uzelac

Table of Contents Seneca and his Profound Stoic Teachings By Richard Uzelac Have you ever had a moment when you can’t draw a sense out of a certain situation and then you are mad ?- a fight and flight response. One of the greatest philosophers of all time is Seneca. Who was he, and what […]

What I’ve Learned from Ralph Waldo Emerson | Richard Uzelac

thoughts to ponder from Ralph Waldo Emerson

by Richard Uzelac As Christmas passed, I reminisced about the time when Waldo Emerson was on that tour to Europe during the holidays in 1832, where he wrote his “strikingly” original essay titled “Nature,” which brought about American Transcendentalism. – a protest against the general state of American culture and society during that period of […]

Kaizen for Over All Betterment by Richard Uzelac

Kaizen for overall Betterment by Richard Uzelac

One of the countries I’m planning on visiting is Japan. I learned from others that Japanese people are so disciplined, and I would want to see this country someday and witness how magnificent their culture is and them. Stoics believed that human nature emulates its surroundings. So, I think if I were to live in […]

Communism: Why it Fails, Every Time by Richard Uzelac


by Richard Uzelac As I’ve dipped in through political views, I’ve learned that no country could practically follow the true ideals of the communist manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Like what happened in China and the USSR. It either falls into despotism, a state in which only one man wields all the power. […]

Retirement: Work and Play Balance by Richard Uzelac

are you ready to retire?

Are you ready to retire? Some of us may not have thought about retiring. However, a few of us, even long before retirement age, have been worried about it. Working tiringly, we paused in the four cubicles of walls in our office. What’s life after this? Will I regret anything that I may have missed […]

Stoicism: How it Impacts our Daily Life | Richard Uzelac

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Stoicism: Epictetus Philosophy in our Daily Life by Richard Uzelac ” It’s always very hard at first. When I sold my first house, that’s when I realized why do I feel scared when I’d got nothing to lose when I was selling” Richard Uzelac Stoicism: Epictetus Philosophy in our Daily Life I have been thinking […]

Richard Uzelac’s Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Richard Uzelac Consulting Offers Small Businesses Affordable Digital Marketing Strategies Richard Uzelac, of Richard Uzelac Consulting, started his consulting business with the expressed intention of helping small businesses to get a foothold in the Google search results (and the subsequent increase in website traffic, inquiries, and sales) for their products and Services. “God has been […]

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