Retirement: Work and Play Balance by Richard Uzelac

are you ready to retire?

Are you ready to retire? Some of us may not have thought about retiring. However, a few of us, even long before retirement age, have been worried about it. Working tiringly, we paused in the four cubicles of walls in our office. What’s life after this? Will I regret anything that I may have missed […]

United States Soon to have Highest Corporate Tax Rate in the World

Hi Friends, I came across this article in the website by way of the  website. I just had to copy and paste it into my blog.  I don’t usually do this but I am including for attribution and linkbacks so I think it’s fine with all. One Month to Go Until We Have […]

Richard Uzelac Internet Marketing: Be Real

Richard Uzelac Marketing, if there was such a thing, would emphasize content first, not sparkle. Most older SEO techniques were just that “techniques”. The major search engines have grown wiser in the past couple of years and more than ever: Original Content is King. I’ll be back soon with more on Richard Uzelac Marketing and […]