How to Avoid Depression: 7 Effective Techniques to Prevent Relapse by Richard Uzelac

Techniques to Avoid Depression Depression is a debilitating condition that affects individuals in various ways. While triggers may differ from person to person, there are several techniques that can help prevent or avoid a relapse. In this article, we will explore seven powerful strategies to incorporate into your life to maintain mental well-being and reduce […]

How to Become Successful At Work by Richard Uzelac

what does success mean by Richard Uzelac

Success is often glorified and considered the ultimate goal; isn’t it true? Whether we strive for success in our personal lives or professional careers, it motivates us to work harder and often measures our self-worth. However, as we look around, we can’t help but wonder why so many successful people are still unhappy and unfulfilled. […]

Meditation by Richard Uzelac

The Power of Meditation: How it Can Benefit the Brain and Improve Well-Being by Richard Uzelac What is Meditation?  Meditation is a technique for training the mind to cultivate mindfulness and focus on the present moment. It helps individuals to reduce stress, be calmer, and be kinder to themselves and others. Meditation is a way […]

“How To Find Peace” Richard Uzelac’s Piece from Daily Stoic

 1. Avoid thinking of too many problems Letting worries take control of you and your thoughts will bring nothing but stress. Have you ever wondered when we think too much of troubled thoughts, we become restless? Causing us physical harm and even damage to whatever is surrounding us. And even damage our well-being at some […]

Kaizen for Over All Betterment by Richard Uzelac

Kaizen for overall Betterment by Richard Uzelac

One of the countries I’m planning on visiting is Japan. I learned from others that Japanese people are so disciplined, and I would want to see this country someday and witness how magnificent their culture is and them. Stoics believed that human nature emulates its surroundings. So, I think if I were to live in […]

Stoicism: How it Impacts our Daily Life | Richard Uzelac

stoicism by richard Uzelac

Stoicism: Epictetus Philosophy in our Daily Life by Richard Uzelac ” It’s always very hard at first. When I sold my first house, that’s when I realized why do I feel scared when I’d got nothing to lose when I was selling” Richard Uzelac Stoicism: Epictetus Philosophy in our Daily Life I have been thinking […]

The Tao: Curiously Familiar by Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac on Tao, Buddha, and Jesus Christ

Reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao. Actually my wife and I read it every morning with coffee, then we try to apply what we read during the day. It has become a tradition. we are on the 36th chapter and thus 36 days in a row […]

Richard Uzelac: Elephants, let’s save them.

We need to save the elephants to help evolve and enlightened humans. We need to save them for future generations of humans, and of elephants. We need to save them because we can. Elephants are the largest surviving land mammals on the planet. They are the largest species on earth since  the  Indricotherium. Alas, the […]