How to Develop a Good Habit by Richard Uzelac

how to develop a good habit

How to Develop a Good Habit by Richard Uzelac The first thing that comes to mind when I reflect on the topic of habit is a goal. What is a habit without a goal? How do people develop both bad and good habits? Did they have a goal in mind while developing them? Scientifically and […]

How to Implement Time Management, by Richard Uzelac

How to do Time Management by Richard Uzelac

Being productive can be challenging, especially when you have a lot on your plate. However, by implementing some simple strategies, you can stay organized and focused on your objectives. Have you ever found yourself feeling stress-free after accomplishing some tasks? Also, do you feel stressed when there is too much on your plate? One formula […]

Richard Uzelac in Finding Stillness in Your Life

A picture of a tree on an empty field by Richard Uzelac

In Stoic philosophy, stillness is often referred to as “apatheia” or “ataraxia”… These fancy words basically mean achieving a sense of tranquillity, calmness, and peace of mind. Picture this: You have a big presentation at work that’s making you feel all sorts of nervous and anxious. Instead of trying to push those feelings aside or […]

Stoicism: How it Impacts our Daily Life | Richard Uzelac

stoicism by richard Uzelac

Stoicism: Epictetus Philosophy in our Daily Life by Richard Uzelac ” It’s always very hard at first. When I sold my first house, that’s when I realized why do I feel scared when I’d got nothing to lose when I was selling” Richard Uzelac Stoicism: Epictetus Philosophy in our Daily Life I have been thinking […]

The Tao: Curiously Familiar by Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac on Tao, Buddha, and Jesus Christ

Reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao. Actually my wife and I read it every morning with coffee, then we try to apply what we read during the day. It has become a tradition. we are on the 36th chapter and thus 36 days in a row […]

Richard Uzelac: Elephants, let’s save them.

We need to save the elephants to help evolve and enlightened humans. We need to save them for future generations of humans, and of elephants. We need to save them because we can. Elephants are the largest surviving land mammals on the planet. They are the largest species on earth since  the  Indricotherium. Alas, the […]

Thank You | Richard Uzelac

So I’m feeling especially blessed and loved by God today. I thought of righting about the race for the Presidency of the United States of America, Romney vs. Obama. I thought of writing about the virtues of being ‘almost’ a vegetarian. I even thought of writing about the plight of the small business owner in […]