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Richard Uzelac Consulting Offers Small Businesses Affordable Digital Marketing Strategies Richard Uzelac, of Richard Uzelac Consulting, started his consulting business with the expressed intention of helping small businesses to get a foothold in the Google search results (and the subsequent increase...

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Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac’s Full Bio

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Richard Uzelac is a California business entrepreneur who has founded two successful Internet-based companies. Richard Uzelac received his college education at Pennsylvania State University and holds a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Film Production.

This degree focused on the type of journalism that is disseminated by mediums such as radio and television. His major as well as his minor in Film Production provided Richard Uzelac with the skills he would use later in his career to become a prominent member of the television, film, and Internet marketing professions.

Richard Uzelac began his career as a Real Estate Agent for Century 21, which has offices and real-estate listings in over 60 countries world-wide. Richard Uzelac worked for the company in Southern New Jersey and was responsible for publishing one of their very first real estate newsletters, Parade of Homes in 1983. Next, Richard Uzelac moved to California where he began a career in television and film. Drawing on some of the skills he learned at Pennsylvania State University, Richard Uzelac created digital effects, branding, and designs for various companies. In 1998, Richard Uzelac won an Emmy for the animations he had created for the 1998, Nagano, Japan Winter Olympic Games. Shortly after, he began producing graphics and branding packages for various television networks including CBS, FOX, and ESPN. Looking for new ways to expand his business skills, Richard Uzelac next took his talents to Realtor.com and HomeBuilder.com.

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Before long, Richard Uzelac was Senior Director for two of the largest real estate websites in the world. In this position, Richard Uzelac made dramatic improvements in both companies, using his knowledge of design and sales to make improvements in each site.

The changes he made included shortening search paths, removing ads and increasing Realtor branding. It resulted in an increase of leads to Homebuilders from Homebuilders.com by 500 percent and leads to Realtors from Realtors.com by 200 percent. He also created a website for the global International Consortium of Real Estate Associations.

Richard Uzelac Expanded Bio 2019 Update:

About Richard Uzelac, CEO of GoMarketing, Marketing Consultant:

Richard Uzelac Founder and CEO of both GoMarketing and RealtyTech Inc.    Mr. Uzelac started RealtyTech Inc in 2002 and GoMarketing Inc in 2010. 

Richard Uzelac’s GoMarketing works with Corporations and Small Businesses to generate online exposure, branding and sales for both E-Commerce and Traditional companies.  Uzelac has worked with many companies in many industries including; Home Services Companies (HVAC,Plumbing, Windows, Doors, Flooring, etc), Medical/Health, Manufacturing, Retail, Legal, Financial, Real Estate, Insurance, Travel and many others.

Richard’s expertise is in understanding what his Clients need and providing the best possible solution for those needs, month in and month out.

“My motto when we started is still in effect. We aim to:

  • Understand: “When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.” ― Ernest Hemingway

    Who are you and your company? What do you do? Where do you seek change? What are your Goals?

  • Engage: “There is no development physically, intellectually, or financially without effort, and effort means work.” – Calvin Coolidge

Once we know what you want and need, we go to work! We engage our entire arsenal of Marketing programs to meet and exceed your goals.

  • Succeed: “People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” – Earl Nightingale

    If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed! As partners we go to war to meet you success metrics.

  • Grow: “Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill

    There is only one finish line in life and we all know what that is. So while we are in it, we are in it to not only succeed, but to grow, constantly.

“A little bio can’t tell the whole story, but the key is I will work hard for your success and am confident that whatever business consulting you need, I will be able to create a successful outcome for you and your company,” Richard Uzelac said.

Richard Uzelac is an Emmy award-winning network television graphics designer and producer, for the Winter Olympic Games television broadcast.  He went on to become the Sr. Director of Realtor.com, when it was the number one real estate website in the world.  Before Realtor.com he was awarded many times as a successful real estate agent and broker.

In his personal life, Richard Uzelac earned these recognitions:

  • Won a couple of driving championships and set track records in the Porsche Owners Club.
  • Won a California State Powerlifting Championship in his weight class.
  • Won a Freestyle Wrestling Tournament at age 45.
  • Raised and Donated to many Veteran’s and Children’s Charities.

Mr. Richard Uzelac is also available as a Technology Speaker, Seminar Provider and Business Consultant. For more information, contact Richard Uzelac at 805.413.7893.


“If you are in need of a new website and IDX, feel free to call me directly to learn about all the new features we are offering. Our Sites are feature filled and are second to none in the USA.  Our IDX is also full featured and offered and an average of 50% of the cost of major competitors, ” said Richard Uzelac, of RealtyTech.

Richard Uzelac: CEO of RealtyTech Inc. 

Richard Uzelac is the President of RealtyTech Inc. a Thousand Oaks, CA Real Estate Technology and Marketing Company. RealtyTech was founded in 2002 and is currently serving thousands of real estate agents nationwide. Many of those clients also receive internet marketing, lead generation from RealtyTech.

“If you are in need of a new website and IDX, feel free to call me directly to learn about all the new features we are offering. Our Sites are feature filled and are second to none in the USA.  Our IDX is also full featured and offered and an average of 50% of the cost of our major competitors, ” said Richard Uzelac, of RealtyTech. “Our goal is to offer high quality products and services for less to our clients. We strive to offer more for less to develop long standing relatinships with our Clients. This bears out in the loyalty we have with our clients, many of which have been Clients of ours for over ten years,” Richard Uzelac added.

Richard Uzelac founded RealtyTech in 2002 after leaving Realtor.com as the Senior Director of Production.

“I really enjoyed working at Homestore (now Move.com) back around 1999. We had a great team and built the Relator.com into the number one real estate website in the world while I was there.  As Senior Director of Production, I was tasked with the Design, Development and User Interface of one of the highest traffic websites in the world. It was a lot of fun, said Richard Uzelac.

Richard Uzelac has a background in Real Estate starting in New Jersey in 1982. He became the #1 Ranked agent for Century 21 in the entire state within three years.

Richard Uzelac is also the CEO of GoMarketing Inc, an internet marketing corporation providing website design/development and Google Adwords campaigns. GoMarketing


Richard Uzelac.

Richard Uzelac is available for office demonstrations for the entire RealtyTech line of products. Uzelac is also available as a speaker on Real Estate Technology and Internet Marketing for all businesses.


Penn State 2011 NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Champions! Woo Hoo!

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The Penn State Nittany Lion Wrestling team has won the 2011 NCAA Wrestling Championships, defeating Cornell and Iowa (second and third) to take the crown. The last time Penn State won was 1953! They were due! Cael Sanderson’s Lions are young team with freshman phenom David Taylor leading the way.
Prediction: Repeat in 2012, I’m ordering my t-shirt now.
Richard Uzelac

Richard Uzelac in Real Estate

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He started in Real Estate sales in 1981. Richard became the top listing agent in Southern New Jersey for Century 21. He published one of the first monthly real estate newsletters called, “Parade of Homes” in 1983.

After relocating to California, Richard pursued a career in digital effects, branding and design for television and film. He became first a computer animator (winning an Emmy for his animations for the 1998 Winter Olympic Games in Nagano Japan) then a producer of graphics and branding packages for CBS, FOX, and ESPN.

Utilizing his knowledge of Real Estate and Computing, Richard became the Senior Director of Realtor.com and HomeBuilder.com, the two largest websites for real estate in the world. He created the first website for the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations, a worldwide real estate website.

In six months he increased LEADS to Homebuilders on HomeBuilder.com by 500%. He then increased leads to Realtors on Realtor.com by 200% by shortening the search path, removing ad space and increasing Realtor branding on the site.

Richard left Homestore in early 2002 to start RealtyTech Inc. RealtyTech Inc. provides quality Websites, Support, Technology and Consulting for Real estate Professionals and Companies.
RealtyTech supports 9,000 real estate products nationwide.

Richard started GOiMarketing, an internet marketing corporation that supports over 80 corporations for internet marketing nationwide.