Obama is Not Properly Equipped to Run the United States of America

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obamaI realize that is a pretty strong headline, but I believe it is true. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is doing the best that he can. I also believe he thinks what he is doing is the best for America.

But I also believe he does not have the wisdom, education, experience, and knowledge required to run the most powerful country on earth.

The bigger issue here is not Obama, it is rather the Americans that voted him in. What happened to us? What happened to Americans, once so proud and innovative, now so affected, entitled, weak?

Never before in our great country’s history has over 50% of its citizens either lived off of, or are paid by the government for employment. That’s happening now. Most Americans are on the government dole in some way or another. The most memorable image I have of Obama winning the election was an ecstatic woman jumping up and down screaming, “Now I don’t have to pay my mortgage! Now I don’t have to pay my mortgage! have to pay my mortgage! Obama saved me my money!”

These Americans are the same ones with their hands out for ‘free’ life. Free from work, free from responsibility, free from effort, free from sacrifice of the immediate, free from thought.

All the Americans that built this great country of ours: Individuals, Corporations, and private groups are now considered the villains in a “dumbed down” America. The great Individuals and Companies that create jobs and wealth are vilified on two fronts: On one side by a childish population of entitlement, on the other side by Leftist/Socialist Elitists that think they are smarter and more enlightened than the creators of jobs and wealth.

This leftist elitist group feels the only true vision for the future in America is theirs and theirs alone. Since they are too busy deciding what is best for all of us to make any money or build anything of their own effort, these Looters decide it is best to simply take the money they need from us workers (taxes, fees, regulation) and use it to satisfy their own personal vision of Utopia with them on the throne.

OK, that was a bit mellow dramatic but hey, it’s a one pass blog and I have a business to run. 🙂

So, coming back to Obama. Obama grew up in a world that said, “We are underprivileged, and the government OWES US a living.” See Acorn and other organizations that molded this man.

Is Obama a bad person? No, I don’t think so. I think he’s bright, well spoken and gifted. He’s just a product of his socialist environment. He doesn’t understand the real America, the America of Individualism and Achievement. He’s just not the right man to run this country.

God Bless America!

Richard Uzelac



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