Immanuel Kant: The ‘Good Will’ Philosopher

immanuel kant on goodwill

Immanuel Kant: The ‘Good Will’ Philosopher  Virtue and the pursuit of happiness in Kant’s Philosophy – For Immanuel Kant, the ideal human state, the “highest good,” involves achieving both complete moral virtue and personal happiness. However, there’s a catch: these two goals don’t always seem to go hand-in-hand. In fact, sometimes doing the right thing […]

Why Lent is Important?

Richard Uzelac on Lent

Lent, also known as the Great Fast, spans six weeks leading up to Holy Week, where we commemorate Jesus Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection. It’s a time to reflect on Jesus’s sacrifice for humanity, his crucifixion, and his triumphant resurrection, which opened the gates of Heaven for us all. It’s a time not only to […]

Nature’s Remedy: Unveiling the Mental Health Benefits of Outdoor Escapes


Many advocates for an eclectic approach to addressing mental illness, particularly in the context of depression. For many, including myself, the desire for true well-being — a yearning for harmony and vitality, free from the shackles of medication and its unwelcome side effects. Why limit ourselves when it comes to utilizing all available resources to […]

Richard Uzelac: Elephants, let’s save them.

We need to save the elephants to help evolve and enlightened humans. We need to save them for future generations of humans, and of elephants. We need to save them because we can. Elephants are the largest surviving land mammals on the planet. They are the largest species on earth since  the  Indricotherium. Alas, the […]

Thank You | Richard Uzelac

So I’m feeling especially blessed and loved by God today. I thought of righting about the race for the Presidency of the United States of America, Romney vs. Obama. I thought of writing about the virtues of being ‘almost’ a vegetarian. I even thought of writing about the plight of the small business owner in […]

Joe Paterno: American Icon, American Hero, made a mistake?

Note: The whole situation causes vertigo, makes one nauseous. The hurt is the bigger story, the tragedy for the families and children. This post is way way way down there in importance compared to the horror of what took place. This post only talks about an old man. ——————————————————————- An Ohio State Buckeye friend wrote […]

Richard Uzelac Internet Marketing: Be Real

Richard Uzelac Marketing, if there was such a thing, would emphasize content first, not sparkle. Most older SEO techniques were just that “techniques”. The major search engines have grown wiser in the past couple of years and more than ever: Original Content is King. I’ll be back soon with more on Richard Uzelac Marketing and […]

Obama is Not Properly Equipped to Run the United States of America

I realize that is a pretty strong headline, but I believe it is true. There is no doubt in my mind that Obama is doing the best that he can. I also believe he thinks what he is doing is the best for America. But I also believe he does not have the wisdom, education, […]

Penn State 2011 NCAA Division 1 Wrestling Champions! Woo Hoo!

The Penn State Nittany Lion Wrestling team has won the 2011 NCAA Wrestling Championships, defeating Cornell and Iowa (second and third) to take the crown. The last time Penn State won was 1953! They were due! Cael Sanderson’s Lions are young team with freshman phenom David Taylor leading the way. Prediction: Repeat in 2012, I’m […]