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So I’m feeling especially blessed and loved by God today. I thought of righting about the race for the Presidency of the United States of America, Romney vs. Obama. I thought of writing about the virtues of being ‘almost’ a vegetarian. I even thought of writing about the plight of the small business owner in this election year. But, since I’m feeling so blessed (and Loved) by God, I think it would behoove me  to remunerate the revelation, don’t you think? So here goes my imperfect list: Thank You Jesus for setting the example of love and peace and caring and kindness and truth and faith for all that seek these attributes. Through all of my life, the many many highs, and the lows, you have been there, constant, steady and unwavering of your love for me and your desire that I be the best man that I can be. Even when my analytical mind wanders from faith from time to time, you are there ready to welcome me back.  The older I get the more I cherish your love. Thank You Mom and Dad for giving me life. Thank you for loving me with all your hearts, I felt it constantly through the years we had together. I feel it now that you are both in heaven. Dad, you took me to the boat, to the races and you showed up at my track and wrestling meets, how cool!  Mom, you dressed me well, taught me that history and the arts are important, believed in my abilities 110% All of the time. Thanks for all of the love you two. None of us beyond Christ is perfect on this earth, and I love how we all overlooked our faults and chose to concentrate on our positives and bettering ourselves. Thank You Alexandra, I love you with all my heaaaaaaart! 🙂 You are the sweetest most loving woman I’ve ever met. The love you show to Bailey is a blessing and the love you’ve shown me makes me a better man striving to be better every day of my life. Being with someone so unpretentiously healthy is almost shocking even after almost four years. I thank God we are a couple every day of my life. Thank You Bailey, like the Grinch my heart grew several fold when you were born. I’m honored to have you in my life as you are a give from the ‘Grace’ of God. As with Alexandra, I work mainly to honor, protect, and support you to have a healthy, happy, with high self esteem and live a Godly fulfilling life. Thanks to: My brother Dave, you are the most positive guy I’ve met and your strength is a source of power for me. I will always be there for you Bro. My brother Steve, you are a great father and husband. I will always respect and care for you. Cathy Perow, I will always wish the best for you and wish we had a better relationship. Maybe we were put together for Bailey and are forever bound through her.  We accomplished that with God’s grace. Hopefully we develop grace in our relationship.   Tribute: John Perow: You were a hero of mine. A quiet no ego soul. A World War II reluctant hero that landed on the beach at Normandy, Omaha Beach (gives me chills to write that), saw your best friend’s head blown off at the first sand dune, charged up that hill, killed Germans, took France, joined Patton’s Army for the Battle of the Bulge (just like Easy Company in ‘Band of Brothers’), marched into Berlin and took that. Then went to Eagles Nest, Hitlers lair in the mountains and secured that as well. But you never spoke of it, never showed any memorabilia. Never accepted the moniker of ‘Hero’ from me or others, just said all the ‘Heros’ died there, that you were just a lucky guy. You went to Penn State after that, got an engineering degree, became a rocket scientist. (How cool would it be at a party: “What are you a rocket scientist or something?” “Yes, actually, I am a rocket scientist.”  Moved to Thousand Oaks when it was hills with cow chips and raised two good kids, survived the death of a spouse, remarried and routed for Penn State football and America.” The Greatest Generation” was written about men like you.   Incomplete List of Thank You’s: Steve and Kika Medvecki, Chuck Mote, Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Henry Miller, Adam Smith, the Chaux family, especially Santa Mamita, RealtyTech employees past and present, Rob Baumgardner, John Crane, Ali Soufi, Jasmin, Chris, Steve etc. Paul Childs, Pat Condell, Mitt Romney, Ronald Reagan, the Founding Fathers, Steve Klarish, Rob Kasenow, Joe Paterno, Cael Sanderson, Bob Holloway, Tim and Sharon, Rich and Robin, Dawn, Adolf C, Emerson, Thoreau,  Julius Caesar, Small Business Owners, Honest Abe   Thanks, Richard    



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