Best Year in the Stock Market Since 1996! Something seems to be working…

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Just noticed that the stick market has been up for this past year, 2013, better than it has been in a single year in almost 20 years! Why is that? What’s going on? You got me. I have no idea why it is so much better. Maybe whatever the government is doing, is working? Maybe there is a Bi-Partisan effort in Capital Hill that is slowly cooperating for the benefit of our economy. A couple of Richard Uzelac’s Unauthorized Guesses: 1. Companies have parred their staff down due to the recession and are now lean and mean and able to make a true profit. 2. The real estate market has taken a big hit but seems back on a roll and that is fueling the economy. 3. The Obama Administration is letting business do it’s thing and the results are positive. 4. Small companies like mine have cut expenses as much as possible and are able to hire people again. We’ve recently brought on an Intern, converted him to part time, then just converted him to full time. 5. Macro Economic forces are simply going through their cycles and the time to buy and reinvest is upon us. Richard Uzelac’s Prediction: 2014 will be a great year! Small business ‘finds a way’ to make a profit and keep their doors open. Expectations are smaller these days and keeping the doors open and the people employed is a big win, at least it is for this business owner! God Bless America!   Richard Uzelc



Table of Contents

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