The Tao: Curiously Familiar by Richard Uzelac

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Reading Dr. Wayne Dyer’s: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao.
Richard Uzelac on Tao, Buddha, and Jesus Christ
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Actually my wife and I read it every morning with coffee, then we try to apply what we read during the day. It has become a tradition. we are on the 36th chapter and thus 36 days in a row of doing this. There is something nice about doing something like this with Alexandra. It is a tradition and a habit now. Just that is a blessing of sorts. Back to the book, the book is very thought provoking for both of us. It is about the Tao written 25 centuries ago by Lao Tzu, at least the version mentioned in the book. The Tao, from what I gather, is the natural flow of the universe. Taoism I believe sees the natural flow actually flowing through all humans. When we act in accordance with the Tao, all is well, it is as it should be. When we apply restrictions to it and try to control it, then all sorts of issues erupt. So the main thrust is to be ‘In the Tao’ and flow through life. The ‘Curiously Familiar’ aspect of the Tao is that this Tao is in all of us, that we are born of the Tao, and we go to the Tao upon death. This reminds me, as a Christian, a believer in Christ, of his most profound statement to me, “The Kingdom of God is within You.” I always loved this statement. It means so much to me. It takes the power out of the hands of the Churches, Priests, Popes, et al, and puts it in your hands. God, Heaven, it is all within all of us. We all know what is right, what is correct. It is deep within our being our cells, atoms. We simply need to open ourselves up to God and let it flow through us. I see this ‘flowing naturally’ in Buddhism, and it’s probably in dozens of other Religions and Teachings as well. The ‘Curiously Familiar’ line of continuity here gives me hope we are all on this path together and there is hope for us all, someday.   Richard Uzelac



Table of Contents

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